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CEJet manufactures a variety of waterjet cutting systems ranging from the typical 2-axis solutions to sophisticated 5-axis production machines, along with all supporting accessories. Multiple cutting heads, spreader bars, material handling and special applications allow for a variety of cutting systems and endless versatility. In addition, our skilled design and engineering team has the industry knowledge and experience to create custom waterjet table solutions for your application requirements. We pride ourselves on offering customers a complete solution that exceeds their current needs, is designed for future growth, and is built to withstand decades of operation.

BB Models

The CEJet “BB” model line is designed to allow the user to enjoy all the benefits of a Gantry style waterjet motion system. The models feature a 2, 3 and 5 axis with a 12 to 36 inch Z axis.

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The CEJet Mid-Rail model is a Gantry style waterjet system featuring a work envelope of 5 x 8 meters, (16.5 x 26.2 feet.) The system is ball-screw-driven for greater accuracy.

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Cantilever Waterjet

Our Cantilever Beam model line features an engineered beam which provides the highest level of rigidity and strength while minimizing weight. Its Hy-Cross drive system drives the carriage and beam smoothly, accurately and with speed over the entire X-axis.

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B50 Intensifier Pump

The CEJET Model B50 intensifier pump is engineered with productivity in mind with a design pressure of 60,000 PSIG. It is developed around proven basic structure, electrical configuration and ultra-high pressure system components.

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Custom Options

We option a number of accessories to support our waterjet systems, including: high pressure components, added cutting heads, spreader bars, bulk abrasive hoppers and more.

Waterjet Blog

How Do High Pressure Water Jets Work?

Water jet cutting involves generating high pressures to force water through an orifice into a narrow, intense beam that can cut through a variety of materials. The nozzle, or orifice, typically used i...

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